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Mandolin Xtreme Xtravaganza

Aruba Sucursal Di Cielo

  1. Aruba Sucursal Di Cielo (Aruban waltz) 4:41
  2. Mi kakiña bo ta (danza) 3:41
  3. Nunca b'a kibr'un koppie? (tumba) 3:39Aruba Sucursal Di Cielo (Aruba Subsidiary Of Heaven)
  4. For di bista for di curazon (bolero) 4:00
  5. Pachanga na Aruba (merengue) 4:02
  6. Bo dushi wowonan (Aruban waltz) 3:12
  7. Aruba t'un dushi lugar (rock) 4:42
  8. Fiesta Arubiano (tumba) 3:03
  9. Rikipiki (asambeho) 4:47
  10. Cosnan imposibel (bolero) 3:16
  11. 18 di maart (Aruban waltz) 4:08
  12. Tené cayente (tumba) 2:53
  13. Baile di sinta (danza) 4:09
  14. Virginia (Aruban waltz) 3:48
  15. Biento nor'este (mazurka) 3:17
  16. Saturday night (merengue) 3:38
  17. Potpourri di tumba (tumba) 3:58

The Most Precious Gift

  1. The most precious gift (jazz ballad) 5:46The Most Precious Gift
  2. It's mambo time! (mambo) 3:45
  3. Sweet meditation (ballad) 5:17
  4. Pay love with love (soul ballad) 3:57
  5. Strauss' medley (Vienna waltz) 4:12
  6. Aruba one happy island (Caribbean rock) 3:57
  7. Only love (bossa-nova) 5:12
  8. This mandolin is alive! (rock) 3:48
  9. Somewhere my love (from the movie "Dr. Zhivago") 3:48
  10. My lovely black lady (calypso) 4:04
  11. That's what friends are for (ballad) 3:41
  12. LIVE! The last theme, the last applause (ballad) 4:16

The Most Precious Gift (DVD)

"...a mind-blowing voyage you won't soon forget!"

This collection of video-clips contains much material never seen before. Join Tino Ruiz for a mind-blowing voyage you won't soon forget! This visionary masterpiece turned animation upside down with its irreverent style and innovative techniques.

The Most Precious Gift • DVD
  1. The Most Precious Gift (jazz ballad)
  2. It's mambo time! (mambo)
  3. Sweet meditation (ballad)
  4. Strauss' medley (Vienna waltz)
  5. This mandolin is alive! (rock)
  6. Aruba one happy island (Caribbean rock)
  7. Aruba, what a nice place (rock & roll)
  8. Saturday night (merengue)
  9. Pay love with love (soul ballad)
  10. Fiesta Arubiano (tumba)
  11. My lovely black lady (calypso)
  12. LIVE! The last theme, the last applause (ballad)

Preview of Strauss' Medley...

(1 minute 5 seconds) 5.96 MB .mp4 sample video clip.

Extra bonus

• Interactive Menus
• The musical career of Tino Ruiz
• Complete discography and videography
• More information about the video clips (behind the scenes)
• Traditional music styles of Aruba
• Languages: English, Español and Papiamento
• Digitally Mastered
• Running Time: 1 hour & 47 minutes
Video of all attractions of Aruba! (kind courtesy of the Aruba Tourism Authority)

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